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Design and Development

With professional skills and rich experiences in die casting industry, Muller's talent engineers design and develop die casting toolings, press triming toolings, machining fixtures, leaking test fixtures, gauges, etc. We also design and develop the whole manufacturing processes from die casting, machining, surface treatment, to assembly, etc, according to customers' print and requirement. Our technical team actively involves in customers' early design stages and give professional recommendations on manufacture feasibility. Muller won Nidec's Development Contribution Award of 2022 for it's achievements in new product development.


Quality Control

Muller applys quality management system which conforms to ISO-IATF 16949 standard. The quality management system is composed of Quality Manual, Procedure Documents, Regulations & Work Instructions and Daily Records, which is Four-Tier Quality Management System. All employees are well trained for their position and take part in Total Quality Management throughout the company. We have adequate measuring and testing equipments for dimension check, chemical composition check, mechanical properties test, porosity control, leaking test, etc. Muller have built a very good reputation among customers in various industries for the quality of their products.


Production Technology and Engineering

Over the past years, Muller has developed a number of core technology and engineering of production processes which includs various types of material application, real-time feedback control injection, tooling temperature control, vaccum die casting, local extrusion die casting, high precision machining with forming cut tooling, etc. We also have perfect suppliers on aluminum extrusion, aluminum forging, electroplating, electrodeposition, anodizing, liquid painting, etc. With all these technologies and suppliers, Muller has been providing our customers complete solutions and improving productivity significantly.


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